The NYPD Flip Pad is a small notebook with a cover.  The outside cover doesn’t just protect the inner pages.  It shows off the NYPD shield and trademark of the New York Police Department.  The emblem is full color and the letters NYPD are gold colored reflective material.  The top stays closed by a magnet so it doesn’t fly open by accident.

As you pull open the two layered covered, you reveal the white pages with the NYPD logo on them as well.  Each page has a gray NYPD shield printed on it.  That way, if you leave a note somewhere, you’re leaving your mark and showing your support.  The flip pad comes with 75 pages which tear of easily at the top.  The pages measure 3 3/4″ tall x 3″ wide.  Or 10 cm x 7.8 cm.